Bringing a world of flavours to your event!

We cook over traditional charcoal on a giant 200kg barbecue pit using a suspended hanging grill. Real flames and wood-smoked chips... the beating heart of authentic street food. If you want the ultimate food experience we can offer you that with amazing theatre-like performance from our octagon pavilion... 6 metres in diameter with the option to trade from 8 sides.

It’s always about the food...

We specialise in global street food. Real authentic pit cooked soul food. Flavours, spices, sticky sweet marinades. Dishes we know and love and flavours found on a beaten up passport and black market currencies.

If you want Carribean Jerk Chicken with a mango chilli and lime salsa... its on! Expect flames and the sweet smell of caramelised sugar and chilli.

Need someone for traditional Bockwursts, Cowboy Steaks, Slow Cooked brisket, Korean Pork, Mandarin Slingers. We bring it all to the table. Check out our menus and pictures then contact us for our availability.

We bring the ultimate barbecue experience!

Do you fancy a trip around the world for your palate? With 25 years experience of cooking food from all over the world we have created a menu unlike any other.

We have carved up the globe!

Explore our menu and discover the ultimate barbecue experience.  We suggest a range of between 2 and 6 dishes, plus sides. But if you require us to do less for a high output event, or more for a bespoke event then please contact us with your requirements and we'll make it happen!

Shane McElroy

T. +44 7596 654262



Stapleford Farm House

Stapleford Lane


Hampshire SO322BU